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Dance In My Heart

Chapter Nine

Hawk tried to concentrate on the financial files he’d brought home from the office. The government grants helped, but the reports were still a mess. He should be figuring out how to find more funds, but instead his mind kept returning to Candice.

Surrendering to his distraction, he closed the files and put them back in his pack. They could wait until morning. He poured himself another drink and ran a hand over his face. Tighter than a bowstring, his body throbbed with anticipation.

It was only seven-thirty. Too early for bed, unfortunately.

Already feeling guilty, he knew he’d have her tonight. He shouldn’t. Not when he had no intention of offering her a commitment, or even a date. He shook his head at the dilemma. Leave her alone and let his heart wither into nothingness, or take her, feed from her, worship her while she was here, and let guilt kill him tomorrow.

Candice turned the corner into the living room and offered him a smile. Her lush curves called to him, making his shaft fill with blood like an injection. His painful erection cut into his jeans and he knew guilt would win. If he didn’t do something, he’d throw her over the back of the sofa and take her right here.

He set his drink down and stared at her. “You feel like going for a walk?”

“Sure,” she answered.

The sun wouldn’t set for another couple of hours. The heat of the day had burned off, and even though a storm threatened, the wind had gentled to a low breeze as they stepped off the porch.

They walked in silence for about a half mile, before Hawk turned them toward an old barn with a dilapidated singlewide skeleton off to one side. “I just have to check on my horses,” Hawk explained.


“Of course. I’m an Indian. Don’t you know all Indians have horses?” His lips spread into sexy, lop-sided grin.

She laughed at his joke. His ability to tease was one of the things she loved about him.

No. Not love. She erased the internal commentary with a swift stroke of her mental delete key. “Please... Native American,” she teased back.

“Actually, I only have three left. I used to have about twenty head.”

“What happened to them?”

“I sold them,” he almost whispered.

“But you didn’t want to?”

He shrugged his wide shoulders. He’d changed out of his work clothes and wore a black, chest hugging T-shirt and blue jeans with rough, worn holes in the knees. His hair hung loose around his shoulders now as well, and she shivered at the remembered feel of the silky strands caressing her breast as he made love to her.

“Some of the families here needed some things. More than I needed horses I rarely have time to ride, anyway.”

He approached the fence and whistled loudly. A black horse with a white star in the center of his forehead dashed to the barbed wire and blew a loud greeting.

A smile rent his face, revealing his even white teeth. Her heart skipped a beat as she committed his expression to memory.

The horse leaned his head over the fence and Hawk pressed his forehead against the long snout, scratching behind the animal’s ears with both hands.

If anyone had told Candice a week ago she would be completely relaxed in the middle of nowhere watching a man commune with a horse, not a single yellow cab or subway station in sight, she’d think they were crazy. But an image of making a home in a place like this suddenly appealed to her.

But only with Hawk.

Another piece of her heart jumped toward him and she winced.

She hoped he didn’t notice.

“He’s very beautiful,” she spoke quietly, not wanting to interrupt, but needing to say something, anything, to get her mind off the impossible.

“He’s a she. This is Blaze, that red one over there is Kennedy, the Appy belongs to Jake and there’s a Pinto around here somewhere we call Warchild. Nobody rides him unless they want a battle on their hands.”

His deep rich laughter filled her, making palms itch and his flesh tingle.

Lightning flashed and thunder vibrated the air around them with a loud, sudden crash. She jumped closer to him. Hawk’s body heat reached out for her, soothing her like a favorite blanket.

“We better head back.” He took her hand in his larger one.

Fire burned through her with more electrical current than any bolt of lightening.

By the time they reached the house, his arm encircled her shoulders and she leaned into him. She climbed the steps, surprised when he didn’t follow, but turned her in his arms. Standing one step up from him, she still had to look up into his eyes, thought not so far as she normally did.

His smoldering black orbs examined her features as if he too wished to remember her face forever. She felt her blush suffuse her cheeks before she averted her gaze.

His fingers grazed her jaw, gently bringing her face back to his. Then his palm covered her cheek as his fingers imbedded in her hair.

“If you stay here tonight, I’ll make love to you again.”

He stated the fact plainly, the tilt of his head the only indication she needed to respond. It wasn’t an invitation, but a warning.

“I know,” she whispered.

“I don’t want you to think badly of me, Candy. I have nothing to offer you.” He moved his other hand to mirror the first, holding her head with gentle strength. He studied her lips and she willed him to taste them again.

“I know that, too.”

He hesitated for only a second before he claimed her mouth with explosive passion. A moan escaped her throat as she felt herself leaning into his chest. He feasted on her lips before delving inside her mouth with his tongue, thrusting and teasing in a promise of things to come. Her whole body trembled against him with wanting. When one hand left her hair to cup her breast, her body responded with liquid fire low in her belly.

Her arms circled his neck and pulled him closer. She wanted to be inside him as badly as she wanted him inside her. He trailed his kiss away from her mouth and her head flew back of it’s own design. He nibbled her neck until his lips settled in the hollow of her throat.

He urged her from the steps to the porch and Candice didn’t know how she’d managed to control her own movements without falling down. Her knees might as well be made of wax. Melting wax.

He broke off his attentions when he reached the door. Panting, he paused a moment before he opened it and led her inside.

Claiming her hand again, he dragged her inside behind him. The final quarter of the Timberwolves game shouted from the television while Jake threw a Dorito at the screen. He turned at their entrance.

Hawk pulled Candice behind him as he led her through the living room toward the bedroom hall. “We’re going to bed, Jake. Knock on my door before eight a.m. and you die.”

“Yeah, whatever. That’s what I figured. You want me to turn down the tube?”

Hawk looked at Candice and allowed what he knew to be a wicked grin to spread across his face. Remembering her passion, he drolled, “No. You might want to turn it up.”

He laughed at the adorable blush pinking Candice’s cheeks. Her eyes widened to full moons.

“Way too much information, man,” Jake responded as he used the remote to increase the volume of the game.

Hawk never broke stride as he led her to his room. The house had only two bedrooms, but they were both master suites, so he locked the door behind him, knowing they’d have no reason to leave before dawn. Except maybe a midnight kitchen raid. He had a feeling he’d need to keep his strength up.

For a moment, he did nothing but stare at her. More than beautiful, her features haunted him like some fey creature sent to torment and taunt. His jaw clenched as desire to hold her forever coursed through him. He pushed it way. He should be happy he had a chance to hold her again. And he was, for the moment. Even as the realization he couldn’t keep her invaded his mind.

“Kiss me, Hawk,” she called to him quietly.

He did. He renewed his attention on her full, pink lips, suckling until he felt them swell under his ministrations. Her chest rumbled with a soft groan, trembling against his diaphragm. He broke the kiss long enough to remove his T-shirt and toss it across the room. He dove on her neck, using his teeth to tease her hot flesh as he unbuttoned her top, slid it from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor, then used one hand to unhook her bra. He pulled one strap down with his hand and the other with his teeth. His loins swelled and pulsed, begging him to remove his jeans. He stopped kissing her and drew a ragged breath. Closing his eyes, he gritted his teeth. Sheer willpower the only thing preventing him from spilling in his pants.

She controlled his every thought. He belonged to her, and if she asked it of him, he’d spend the rest of his life worshiping her. She owned him.

Candice sat down on the edge of the bed, her full, naked breasts swaying gently with her movement. He reached for her, but she brushed his hand away.

Running her hands over his butt, she scooted him closer to her. He took a shaky step and gasped as her delicate fingers grazed his erection through his Levi’s. She pulled open the top button and he groaned. He formed fists at his sides to keep himself from throwing her on the bed like some crazed beast.

She opened the second button on his 501’s, her face so close to him he could feel her hot breath as it wove its way through his jeans. Finally, his member sprung free and she wrapped her hands around him. He thought he would die. Please, don’t let me die before she’s finished.

He leaned his head back, letting her explore him with her hands. When he felt the soft heat of her lips, and her humid heavy breath on him, he looked down to find her nipping lightly on his swollen shaft. She backed away and looked up at him with doe eyes and an evil smile.

“Oh god,” he groaned through clenched teeth. “I can’t stand it.”

“You want me to stop?” she teased.

“No,” he answered.

He watched her move her mouth closer to his shaft and kept his eyes trained on her as she swallowed him. He felt his climax growing in his groin, his stomach rumbled in anticipation. She moved her mouth slowly up and down his shaft, licking and nibbling until he thought he would explode inside her. She shoved her head forward, taking as much of his length as she could inside her throat.

He pushed her back then. “Stop,” he groaned. “I can’t take it anymore.”

She grinned up at him as she laid down on her back. Her arms above her head, she stretched like a cat in a sunny window. He stretched beside her, taking her breast into his mouth as he worked the button and zipper on her jeans. Then he pulled the denim, and her lace panties, off together and settled his face between her legs.

“I owe you one, I think.” He knew he smirked as what could only be described as anticipation crossed her face.

He ran one finger over her pink, wet flesh and almost hummed as the flower of her desire opened for him. He followed his finger with his lips and tongue. She writhed against him as he lapped at her center. He lifted her legs over his shoulders and her skin seared him.

“Omigod, Hawk. Don’t stop. Oh god!” she screamed.

Her orgasm throbbed against his tongue and she tasted sweet, smelled of woman. Her juices dripped over his chin as she clenched her legs. Still he continued to worship her with his mouth. Only when she came a second time did he grant her new request that he stop.

He reached into his bedside table and removed a condom. Tearing it open with his teeth, he put it on with shaking hands. She opened her legs for him and welcomed him home with a heavy sigh.

Still wrapped in her descent to earth, she clung to him as he pushed himself inside her.

Warm. Tight. Home.

He moved his hips slowly, allowing her body to conform to his size. Letting her take the lead, he waited until her shifting pelvis begged him for more. Then he thrust inside her with mindless abandon, allowing her throbbing womb to take him over the edge.

He lost himself in the world existing only for them. If only the real world did not exist, he could stay with her forever.

She came around his shaft embedded deeply inside her, and whispered into his chest. The words muffled against him, but he heard them clearly enough.

“Love me, Hawk. Please love me.”

The real world crashed around him.

~* * *~


©2006 Romance at Heart Magazine.

Book ©2003 by Margorie Jones.

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