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Welcome to Romance at Heart,
where the pen is mightier than the sword!

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Romance at Heart is a place for readers and writers to come together and interact. We offer author resources, free reading, links to a host of authors' sites, as well as reviews and interviews with some of your favorite authors. We can host author chats and daily chats where anyone is welcome to stop by at any time, and for those who aren't up to chatting, a message board is available with multiple forums for your enjoyment. We are solely funded by contribution and by advertisement, and any contributions are welcome.

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From All of us at Romance At Heart Publications,
and Romance at Heart Magazine:

May you have JOY!
May you have the happiest and warmest of Winter days,
May your Springs be filled with new life and love,
May your Summers be happy and care-free,
May your Falls be filled with brilliance and colour,
May you have friends, and companions all year round.
May your dreams be steamy, sexy, and reflecting the fullness of life,
May you have lovers, and family all surrounding you.
May you have the most richly fulfilling gifts life can offer!
May you have sunshine and love in great abundance.
But most of all my wish to you Dear Friends and Readers,
Is a life filled to overflowing with Love, Peace, and Joy.

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ad Author Chris Bianco



What is in the Air???
We are gonna have lots of Great Reading!

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Announcements and Such...
A Whole lotta partyin' goin' on!

Animated Star  From all of us here at Romance at Heart, to all of you out there in Romance Land, we wish all of our readiers and members the blessings and love. Blessed be!

ad Author Scott Carpenter

Animated Star  There are links for the Red Cross and other relief organizations for your use here onsite. I know we have not had any "DISASTERS" lately, but they always need help. Give what you can to your local organizations, but remember the national organizations as well. You will find the links on the In the News Page, and if you have any others you can recommend, please let me know and I will add them. Please keep the men and women who so courageously defend and protect our country in your prayers. They are always in mine.

Author Ad-Laura Tolomei

Animated Star  Well I gotta say, it may never rain in Southern California, but it is really dry here, too! It has also been hot and sticky here lately. I must say, however, we have had some nice Kayaking weather. I recently joined a gym...LA Fitness, and it is already paying off. Went kayaking and what should have been a four hour trip ended up being six hours because of the low water. I bet I would have really been sore if it wasn't for my trainer, Swan. She has been pushing me in good directions, giving me exercises to do at home as well as pointing me to the best machines for my needs. I have also been doing a lot of swimming there as well, and I am slowly building up some strength again. BUT...I will be going for surgery on my left foot on 25 September. I have to have a bunion removed because it is pinching a nerve and causing me burning pain. Just another thing to oevrcome, and darnit, I will do it and do it well. I have to, I have no choice.

Animated Star  The USGS in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institution, has a wonderful site for those of you who might like to "volcano watch" online. The Global Vulcanism Program allows you to get weekly updates on all volcanic activity around the world, and has glossaries and other information to help you understand what they are talking about. All these natural occurrences fascinate me, and I remain ever so curious about them.

Author Ad-Laura Tolomei

Animated Star  "Use the gifts and resources given to you, and don't discount those you are not certain of in you quest for knowledge." I was recently introduced to the Pensylvania Breast Cancer Coalition through a very thoughtfully assembled Care Package. They offer the gift package called Friends Like Me Survivor Care Package to Breast Cancer survivors. If you would like to see what information they have to offer, check out their web site at least, and read the online information. I know it is for women in Pennsylvania, but there is a lot of good information contained within the pages of their site. Feel free to make a contribution if you wish. I have survived, and it is through contributions from those survivors and other donors that allow the organizations to supply such special packages.

Author Ad-Felicity Heaton

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RaH fireworks New Baby? We wanna know! RaH baloons

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S.L. Carpenter

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Animated Star  Headline... We Get Hot Romances
All Year 'Round!!!!

Animated Star  Hey There Readers!!
If you haven't seen them yet, there is a Contemporary Western series from Linda Lael Miller that is just waiting for you. The McKettricks of Texas is a series about three brothers, each with his own burdens to bear, and each with a unique woman ready and waiting for him. Tate is the one caring for the home ranch, and as he battles a very selfish and self-involved ex-wife, other things around him are happing that he just can't control. These are three special men, and it will take three very special women to enable these brothers to come together and see the light. Check out Linda's site and see what else she has in store for you. And YES, she has more coming to stores soon...Oh yeah, at least one is another Stone Creek Novel, and more about the Creeds as well!

Animated Star  To all Authors:
We are heading into the winter reading season where it will soon be time to cuddle up with a good book by the fire or the TV. Now what is better than to push your fall/winter releases with New Advertising. Romance at Heart Publications is running a special "Head into Winter" advertising campaign for authors with some specials on banner and cover ads at Romance at Heart Magazine.
For advertising savings offers, head over to Ad Specials page and place your orders today.

Animated Star  If you wish to contribute to the up keep and maintainence of Romance at Heart, you can do so via PayPal. Contributions can be sent to with your PayPal account. If you wish to contribute another way, please contact Rose for further information. If you are running a contest, check out the Contest Page and let me place your contest there! I am slowly getting the website back in shape. Also, you may want to check out Kelli A. Wilkins' new book ULTIMATE NIGHT'S DELIGHTS. It is a fun read, and I hope to have the first chapter available for you to read soon in the first chapters section.

Animated Star  You might be interested to know that J. M. Snyder now has her very own publishing house for erotic romance. You can find her bookstore at J. M. Snyder Books. She has put together quite an array of writers, plus her own books as well. Soon you will be able to find them all under one publishing house, so stop by and check it out! I know her other publishers will miss her, but at the same time, it will be good to see all her work together in one place. She is a formidable talent and a prolific writer, and it will be something to see all her books in one place!

Animated Star  If you haven't already, check out the Special Interviews Page that is just waiting for you. I think you will get some understanding about some of the people I hope to feature there. First on the "to get" list is reknowned editor and author Carolyn Howard-Johnson. The interview was conducted by another very talented author and publisher, one Margie Gosa Shivers. The second begins our series of links, and this one is an interview with advice columnist and author Thabet Hassan. This Egyptian/Canadian columnist has fielded questions on many topics dealing with human relations and love from around the world, and dispenses advice with some common sense and gentle humor.

Animated Star  Your second stop can be to drop by the New Cover Models and Artists Interviews pages and check out CJ Hollenbach's Interview, Julian Fantechi's Interview, and Jason Baca's Interview. I hope to have more of these posted in the near future, Cover Models are busy people and have lives too. Meanwhile, you can read and learn about what makes CJ and Jason tick, and their other talents also. If you are a cover model or cover artist and wish to participate in these interviews, please let me know...

author ad Felicity Heaton

Animated Star  I have recently received several emails from the site using the Free Reads and the Request a Link email links. If you don't see your free reads pages or your site listed, that is because you didn't send me the names and links of the reads or links to the sites. I am sorry I am not a mind reader, but the email links you click on only provide you with the means to get your information to me. I need the URL(s) of the free reads page, story, and/or site in order to link it up. This goes for any of the email links. I need the information in URLs, questions, suggestions, links, or whatever you are trying to get to me.

author ad Felicity Heaton

Animated Star  As always, the On Better Writing page has lots of great information, and some new things from Carolyn added. You can stop by the Author Interviews and read some new Author Interviews, too. The Contests Page has some new offerings and the In The News page is ready for any details and stories you may want to send about what is happening in your neck of the woods....

author ad Felicity Heaton

Animated Star  Thankfully the Swine Flu Epidemic from last year did not materialize as the "powers that be" thought, and for that we are all grateful. That doesn't mean we are out of the woods for this year, however, so remember your common courtesies for better health:
Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, use tissue or hankerchief when possible
If a tissue is not available, cough or sneeze into your elbow...
Wash hands frequently while working or cooking
Keep your hand sanitizer handy while out and about
Stay home, or keep your kids home if you are feeling ill
Remember, just a few common sense things can keep all of us a lot healthier, and prevent many of us from becoming ill in the first place...

Animated Star  Please check out the In The News page There is some important news there from the world of Romance, and sometimes news of conventions, classes offered, and other items of interest. Also, you can find out more about some new publishing houses and other new sites and authors. We also have links to a great Data Base updating called The Essence of Romance. The Essence of Romance is an information database of romance novels going back for close to the past century. They list authors, psuedos, author websites, titles, series, anthologies, trilogies, sequels, publishers, pub dates (original and reprints, even with multiple publishers), genres, formats, blurbs, cover images, etc.. Authors, if you wish to be listed, contact Melanie Grant with your listings. There is more information on the In the News page about their services.

Animated Star  I am always looking for real down to earth articles for Romance at Heart. I think that as a magazine, we should also include articles written by authors and others, for authors and others who may have interest in learning about what makes a good book, what writing is all about, and anything else that authors, editors, publishers may want to let us know about, or give is to think about. To that end, I have set up an area for articles and essays, special pages linked from the In The News page called Romance at Heart's Articles and Click Here to go to Articles, Page 2. The first contribution is an article by P. F. Kozak on Writing Erotic Romance. The second an interesting one by our own Jennifer Mueller, and a third from Carolyn Howard-Johnson! The first on Page 2 is an article by Megan Munroe, the founder of "The Nice Girls Rule Movement" and author of “Bitch? Please! How Nice Girls Can Succeed in a Bitch’s World.” I am looking for more additions, so ladies and gentlemen, if you wish to contribute, send your articles to, please.

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Animated Star  As always, DON'T FORGET to thank those special people, even the strangers. I know this has been around before, but it is always good to remember to be grateful. It especially hold true for our un-sung heroes who put their lives on the line for us every day. SO THANK YOU to all the police, firemen, soldiers and military personnel, and support staffs for their help and protection. And THANK YOU to their families for the sacrifices they make so their loved ones can do their duties.

Animated Star  She is pregnant, he had just saved her from a fire in her house, rescuing her by carrying her out of the house into her front yard, while he continued to fight the fire. When he finally got done putting the fire out, he sat down to catch his breath and rest.
Animated Star  A photographer from the Charlotte, North Carolina newspaper, noticed her in the distance looking at the fireman. He saw her walking straight toward the fireman and wondered what she was going to do.
Animated Star  As he raised his camera, she came up to the tired man who had saved her life and the lives of her babies and kissed him just as the photographer snapped this photograph:

doggy thanks

Remember to be thankful, and grateful, and remember that we all have to pull together. Even animals can show their gratitude, and I have to ask are we humans so hurried we don't have the time or forget common courtesy? Remember the "Magic Words" our parents taught us and take a moment to say "Please" and "Thank You," then pass it on. WHo knows, you might start something good. There are links to the RED CROSS and other help agencies on the In the News page so you can donate and help those in need. There are still places hit by flooding and other weather phenomena that need our help, so donate generously if you can.

author ad Scott and Sahara

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Animated Star FYI - My Words Misused Gripes...Animated Star
An Excerpt from the On Better Writing page here at RAH:

This is starting to bug me, SO...For those of you Aspiring Writers, Published Writers, Wanna be Editors, AND Editors, Listen up! This list will probably grow but here are the first submissions.


BARE: adj. (1) Without clothing or covering; naked (2) Open to view; exposed (3) without the usual furnishings or equipment; empty (4) Unadorned; plain; bald; just sufficient; mere; threadbare.
BEAR: v. From the Olde English beran (1) To support; to hold up (2) To carry; convey; to hold visibly (3) To conduct or guide, to be pointed or aimed. (4) To spread; disseminate; to hold in the mind, maintain (5) To render or give as in to "bear witness", or to hold or withstand as in "bear the pressure" (6)To endure patiently, to suffer, to give fruit or have young, to carry burdens (7) To stand in comparison or relation, to be relevant or have relevance as in "What relation does his story bear to yours?"

LATHE: n. A machine that holds pieces of wood, metal and plastic etc., so they are cut and shaped when an operator holds cutting tools against them.
DO NOT do this to any part of my body...NO NO NO!!!
LAVE: v. From the Olde English, Poetic (1) To wash, to bathe (2) To flow against (3) To pour or throw out. From the Old English lafian which is derived from the Latin lavare
Nowhere, not even in the Oxford or Webster's Unabridged Dictionaries did I find a definition for LATHE that would make me want it to be done to me...

TAUT: adj. (1) Pulled tight, tense as in a taut rope. (2) in a neat condition, as in a taut ship. (3) As used in Middle English, a strict person.
TAUNT: v.t. Latin derivative tantus From the Olde English, Poetic (1) To jeer, mock, reproach, or ridicule. (2) A cutting or insulting remark or sarcasm. (3) To provoke with or drive by taunts. From the Obsolete French tant por tant *tit for tat* which is derived from the Latin tauntas pro tantus *so much for that* and autant from the Middle French meaning as much and altant *so much as*

Nowhere in the Oxford or Webster's Unabridged Dictionaries did I find a definition that would allow these to be interchangeable...

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The Importance of Proofreading...

Animated Star  Use a dictionary, Spell Checker, Thesaurus, Holt Handbook, whatever tools you need to be certain what you write is the best you can make it BEFORE you send it off. You may argue that is the purpose of editing, however, you have to get the manuscript PAST the slush pile before an editor will see it. Bad spelling, poor word usage, and dodgy grammar will NOT get your manuscript moved anywhere but the circular file, shredder, or recycle bin. If your work appears to have been written by an illiterate, then expect it to be stashed in the circular file. If you don't care enough to make it readable, why should they take the time to read your MS?
Animated Star  What you write, and how you write it, reflects on you, so make a good first impression. The old adage about the first impression being the lasting one is trite, but it has been proven true in study after study.

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Animated Star  It has come to my attention that not everyone understands the policies for reviews and requests. I don't mind sending out the information, but for those who have time to look and explore, the desired information can be found on the site. A recent page added to the RaH site, The General Author Information Page, gives the bare bones basics of what we want for an author interview as well as what we request from the author, or promotions persons wanting a book or books reviewed, a contest posted, or an chat scheduled.

Author Ad-S L Carpenter

Animated Star  I have made a new friend, and he has a cool and fun site going for readers and writers. The site, called,, gives new meaning to getting into and involved with the story! If you (or someone you know) would like to have some of your own work on the site to cast, let Jeff Reid know - they're open to screenplays, short stories, ebooks and podcasts, 'published' or not. If you, or any of our RaH friends and authors, have read it or written it and would like to cast it, they'll put it on the site...

Animated Star  Romance At Heart Publications is NOT closing, just slowing down for a while. You can still find the following releases in the bookstore: Liberation by Linda Ambrosia, Looking Forward, Looking Back by Heather Hiestand, and Seasons and Colours of Love, the third book of poetry be Emma Keatley. They are in the RAHP store now!

Animated Star  Also in our store are the favourite books from Kate Hofman, the first called Navajo Dreams is the story of an abused woman who finds love and hope with an artist. Set in Arizona, you will enjoy this award-winning tale I am sure. The second, Greek Fire by Kate Hofman, is a delightful contemporary romance set in New York, with stops in Las Vegas and Greece, so look for it in the Romance At Heart Publications Bookstore.

Animated Star  Romance At Heart Publications Electronic Bookstore...
Most Popular Releases:
Dark Angel by Kate Hofman
Navajo Dreams by Kate Hofman
A Sensual Seduction by Kate Hofman with poetry by Emma Keatley
Click, Click, Delete by Heide Katros
Rose of Shiraz by Helen Highwater
Bewitching Angel by Heide Katros
Viking Raider by Heide Katros
For Love of Lorenzo by Kate Hofman
Joshua's Closet by Melody Porter
Wait For Me, Jeff by Romona Hilliger

Animated Star  Things are kinda grinding to a halt at Romance At Heart Publications in the book category. This is due in part to the economy, not being able to find editors willing to work for pennies (which I can readily understand), and my sudden health issues. The past two years have been shaky for me. I was diagnosed on 22 May, 2009 as most likely having breast cancer. The diagnosis was confirmed via biopsy, and I started chemotherapy on the 2 June. This had put a definite crimp in my style, but after a summer of hell, a bilateral mastectomy in the fall, radiation through the winter, and an additional surgery for recurrent tumors this past August, I am struggling on.
Animated Star  Not to mention, of course, that during all this, at the end of September my husband Steve was also diagnosed with cancer of the tonsil and neck! Yeah, we like to do things together, but as my friend Carrie says, this was a bit much. We did get to go to radiation together at the same place and the same time, so we have been able to be each other's support through the whole episode. For now, we are both cancer free and hoping to stay that way!!!
Animated Star  I shall continue to do the best I can with the reviews and interviews. It may be slow going, but I will do my best to get them done. As always, I am looking for readers who are willing and able to write a review of more than just an opinion, and you can find the review protocols listed on site. I know they seem demanding, but I maintain my view that anyone can say they like or dislike somthing in 250 words or less. It takes a true lover of books, writing, and creativity to understand the character's depths, then give other readers their insights as to why they liked what they read without giving away the plot. If you feel you fit the bill, contact me, Please!

Animated Star  Please forgive my apparent lack of enthusiasm. I just don't seem to have my usual vim and vigor.

Animated Star  Also...Check out the Contests Listings Page for new and updated listings. The contest page contains a listing of many current contests from some of your favourite authors that you can enter and win some really great prizes! And while you are doing the contest thing, check out the The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest. This is probably one of the greatest, and could be the silliest contest of the literary world. The website is a joy and provides one with some really good laughs. The contest bills itself as the contest "Where www means Wretched Writers Welcome." I guarantee you some chuckles if you go there...*lol*

Animated Star  Don't forget to check out Berkley-Jove for some of the best in romance, as well as those favourites from Dorchester Publishing and Warner Romance!

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a blue bird on his shoulder
Available Now At Romance At Heart Publications!

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Life is to be enjoyed now, Death leads us on to another existence.
May you all be so blessed to continue on the Journey...

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Animated StarWords of Wisdom...Animated Star
Take some time for yourself and remember to give some time to others.

Some wisdom from the Creator of Charlie Brown and Snoopy:
The people who make a difference in your life are not the ones with the most credentials,
the most money, or the most awards. They are the ones that care...
Don't worry about the world coming to an end today.
It's already tomorrow in Australia." ...Charles Schultz...

Check out the new Poetry & From The Heart Page... where you will find Rod Casteel's moving Poem As The Flag Passed By.


a SPOT of Humor...
A lot of folks can't understand how we came to have an oil shortage here in America.
~~~ Well, there's a very simple answer.
~~~ Nobody bothered to check the oil.
~~~ We just didn't know we were getting low.
~~~ The reason for that is purely geographical.

Our OIL is located in:
~~~ Alaska
~~~ California
~~~ Oklahoma
~~~ Louisiana and Texas
Our DIPSTICKS... are located in Washington DC!

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Ah! Weather...kinda wierd here this year *sigh* *Seasons changing and comin' on fast...*

Sabra Steinsiek

Chilly?! Winter is definitely getting here. BRRRRRR...

Animated Star  *clink* *clink* Attention in the room. Please, quiet down, I have yet another announcement...Economic Chaos is here and among the falling stocks and high gas prices...well, right around the corner at your local Mall, the Christmas sales reign early. It is insanely consistent, and every time it is the same, but this year the circumstances are greatly altered from the year before because of the economic downturn.

Animated Star  Even though the economy is still glum, but we have some new reviews on books from J. M. Snyder, Renee Johnson, and Kelli A. Wilkins, and new interviews as well with more to come. I would like to thanks Pamela Jenewin and Sandra Scholes for doing such a wonderful job with reviews. I appreciate their hard work on my behalf, and for giving you so many wonderful reviews in this past year. I hope they will stay on board for the next one as well. Stop by the Reviews and read old favourites and check out the new additions, the Quick Reads, and the Erotic Reviews, too.

Animated Star  I can't help but stress the importance of proofreading your books, stories, etc. before submiting them to publishers and/or for online consumption. Just recently I hrecieved this "Pet Peeve" from a reader, which emphasizes my point:
"I was reading your pet peeve section, I would like to add another pet peeve. one that I have is the lack of proof reading for typo's. I'm not sure if it's just because the books are in the Free read section, which may be why proper attention hasn't been paid to flow and typo's and importantly usage. But it's been driving me crazy. We Shouldn't have to substitute the correct pronouns. It's distracting, the paragraphs lose flow. I'm not a writer, and felt self conscious at first. But figured that I can't be the only one who has noticed this."

Animated Star  Our News Page, In The News, is running Information on causes you may want to support, writing calls you may want to check out, and contests you may want to enter. As always, the help lines are there, charity news, and other information. Check the page for some links to the Red Cross, where you can get information on donations of time and money to the Hurricane victims as well as other disasters needing ongoing relief. We are looking for writers and publishers who have information to impart via our Articles page, offerings of good poetry for our Poetry & Thoughts From The Heart page, and the On Better Writing page TOO!! We want to provide great articles and poetry for you to read through when you visit, as well as offer some help, and if possible, answer some of your questions about diction, grammar, syntax, and other problems you may have in writing.

Animated Star  We hope that you will all help us to keep In The News updated with the latest news on the various events. If you have something for us (public charity, new opening, or contest etc), please include all the information as well as any contact information. We love to help organizations and writing sites promote, but all submissions will be checked to the best of our ability for truth and veracity. We are not perfect, and as this is a public service, we caution all our members to check them out for themselves. You might catch something we missed, and we would appreciate it if you would let us know if you find a discrepancy.

Animated Star  Romance will always be the first priority for Romance at Heart Magazine, But we want to branch out. We hope to continue to offer you the best of reviews, author interviews, and chats on the romance front, as well as some downright good Horror and suspense if they can be found. We will be looking for you on the forum board. At Romance at Heart we want to wish you all the happiest of reading, writing, and chatting. Blessings to all of you and your families, and peace be with you.


Administrator, Head Reviewer, and Lousy Techy for Romance at Heart Magazine

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Features: We LOVE our Romances...

So Into You by Sandra Hill

Sandra Hill
So Into You

So Into You is Sandra Hill's newest book, and soon to be released by Grand Central Publishing unter their Forever Imprint. It is the story of friends, too close for one, Grace O'Brien's comfort, and not close enough for the other, Angel Sabato. When friendship is broken, Angel leaves with everything he hoped for lying in pieces, including his heart. But time, Tante Lulu, and St. Jude have other plans for them, and when the pair meet again, Grace decides to take Angel up on his offer of a night of love if he wins at Texas hold'em for charity....

In her interview, in answer to the question How much of your personality and life experiences are in your writing? Sandra says, "Not much. My husband and sons don't think I'm funny at all. And when friends and relatives ask if I've done all the sexy stuff in my books, my usual response is, 'I wish!' Actually, I think the heroines in my books are women I would like to be. Tall and thin, of course. Adventuresome. Brave. Willing to take risks. And I've noticed the oddest thing lately. My next three books have heroines with red hair (which I do not). Maybe subconsciously I see myself as a redhead." ...
Sandra goes on... "Some of my favourite comments from my readers include: The woman who told me that her sister died of cancer and asked that one of my books be placed in her casket, prominently, so people would smile at her funeral. The sex therapist who uses my books. The woman who told me the tag line on my books should read, "Better than a vibrator!" The guy from Norway who told me he heard I wrote a book about him; his name was Magnus Ericsson. The many readers who tell me that my books help them through hard times. The many readers who ask me how their husband/lovers can find their Viking S-Spot. The many readers who say their husbands and boyfriends now call them "heartling" or "sweetling," after reading my books.....Sandra Hill

[Read More...]

And enjoy learning more about the author... Sandra's interview is in our Interview Corner...[Sandra's Interview...]

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rowena cherry cover, a romantic 
novel from Dorchester Publishing

Rowena Cherry
Insufficient Mating Material

Insufficient Mating Material is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Forced Mate and the award winning Mating Net. It is published by Dorchester Publishing's LoveSpell line, and released January 31st 2007....

".. Dear Reader....

A funny thing happened during the writing of Insufficient Mating Material. My editor, Alicia Condon, really liked my Prologue --where the hero is at a decided disadvantage and very worried that he is about to be neutered--, but Alicia asked for two more prologues. More information about my alien Djinn world was necessary for readers who have not read Forced Mate, or Mating Net.

She also wanted something more sexy than a hero with an erection about to undergo surgery.

Obligingly, I wrote them. Then I had three prologues. That was a bit unusual! My editor loved them all, and Chapter One remained the royal wedding and the heroine's big entry scene.

However, who has three prologues? So, somewhere between when I signed off, and when the galleys arrived, Prologue One became Part One, Chapter One... a very short First Chapter." ...Rowena Cherry...

[Read More...]

And enjoy learning more about the author... Rowena's interview is in our Interview Corner...
Rowena Cherry's Interview

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of the foresaken, a romantic book by angela verdenius

Angela Verdenius'
Heart of the Forsaken

Heart of the Forsaken Is another great futuristic that explores the tolerance and the patience of those who can truly love. Here Red, another Daamen Trader, is faced with a fiesty little pirate who is truly alone, and who has been taught never to trust any expression of love.

".. I like to have some side plots going, too, hence The Overlord was born, and I loved the fact that he is totally alien in looks. My pirates came to the fore, but these were different pirates - the ebony pirate, Veknor, and Fredrico, who works for the Overlord and has a - er - now, I can't go any further without giving too much away. LOL! The worst pirate to date has to be Darcus - the one who took Sabra one savage night, and changed her course of life forever. I can say that my best ideas come to me while I am driving and listening to music."...Angela Verdenius...

[Read More...]

And see Angela's interview in our Interview Corner...
Angela Verdenius' Interview

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soulful sex 
by diana laurencesoulful sex

Diana Laurence
Soulful Sex: Erotic Tales of Fantasy and Romance

Soulful Sex: Erotic Tales of Fantasy and Romance is a collection of six short stories by Diana Laurence that, according to the introduction by the author, focuses on the sexual expression of love. Also available, Soulful Sex II: Erotic Tales of Fantasy and Romance so look for it now.

"Not to me! I strive to make my erotic fiction beautiful, tasteful, and innocent while still being graphic and arousing. I do so because I write with a specific goal in mind: to show how sex moves us spiritually as well as physically and prove that sex has soul."...Diana Laurence...

[Read More...]

And from Diana's interview in our Interview Corner...
Diana Laurence's Interview

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Romance at Heart offers over 500 book reviews for your reading pleasure. The following are here by Editor's Choice.

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touched by darkness by catherine 

Catherine Spangler
The Sentinels: Touched by Darkness

The Sentinels once walked Atlantis as enlightened beings entrusted with the Law of One. Now they are back on Earth, taking on human form to track down Belians, other Atlantians who chose to turn away from the light and follow the dark and bloody path of Belial. Although in human bodies, the Sentinels and Belians both possess superhuman powers, and are well matched in the battle of good versus evil. But the Sentinels have an edge--the ability to join both psychically and mentally with a human conductor. A matched conductor is always the opposite sex of the Sentinel.

Kara Cantrell, a very powerful conductor, faces the necessity of melding minds and souls with Sentinel Damien Morgan in an attempt to track a Belian. She knows that during the conduction, the sparks fly as Sentinel and conductor come together in a blaze of psychic power and sizzling desire, to track unimaginable evil, and it is something she has sworn never to do again. Yet she has no choice, as this particular evil has her son Alex in its sights. But will Kara be able to overcome the pain of the past, and meld with Damien to protect her son?

Your Earth is once again touched by darkness.
But those who worship Belial will not win.
There is no escape from destiny.
We are the Sentinels. We will prevail

The first in this exciting series, Touched by Darkness is in stores now. The second book, Touched by Fire will be coming to a book store near you in October, so keep your eyes open. For more information on the Sentinels and her other great reads, check out Catherine's Website.

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Francis Ray
Dreaming of You

Every little girl has a hero, and as she was growing up, it was a position designated to her brothers and their best friend, Brandon Grayson. As she grew up, Faith McBride was a beautiful girl, voluptuous, shy, competent, yet and very much the stereotypical wallflower. With her brothers grown and often gone, Brandon stepped in, taking her to the school dances, proms, and many other activities. He thinks of Faith as his friend, but that's status she wishes desperately to change...
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dreaming of you by francis ray
Working Man by J. M. Snyder

J. M. Snyder
Working Man Series

There was something about an alpha male in a male dominated workplace, and there is always room for escape. Meet the virile men of J. M. Snyder's workplaces as they laugh, love, and work together. From cruising on the Carribbean, to the down home farm, to the corporate world, join them as they all discover what life has in store for them. J.M. Snyder has a different outlook on romance, and her homoerotic lovers are just as sensual and just as loving as any hero and heroine could be. From the men in her head, she gets a wonderful insight on love, and to those men she gives the respect they need and even more deserve....
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Marjorie Liu
Tiger Eye

This was not reality, not to Dela at any rate. She was used to the odd occurrences, was being the operative word. This particular occurrence was beyond the pall of what she considered normal in her otherwise unusual life. Seven-foot tall men didn't just appear in her life-space, and especially not such devastatingly handsome ones. The day started with an odd feel to it, and the trip to the Dirt Market, one of Beijing's most famous tourist traps was on the list...
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tiger eye book cover
Kinky Girls Do by Michelle Houston

Michelle Houston
Kinky Girls Do

Kinky Girls Do is billed as a collection of four stories about women who like their sex with a little spice. It is true that one likes to be watched, one craves domination, and two want to be bound to varying degrees, but it is a statement which only scratches the surface. Beneath lie the raging passions that only one man can truly bring out of them. For each, he is the only man who knows exactly what is right because he loves her enough to know just what she needs. There is one thing that is definitely right:
    Bad girls dream . . . kinky girls do....

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Mauren Fisher
The Jaguar Legacy

Charley Underhill will learn a few things about her past, her ANCIENT past as she struggles to reconcile the strange things that are happening around her. The enigmatic Alistair Kincaid is just one of the puzzles she will have to face along with some very sobering truths about herself. Alistair on the other hand is haunted by Leila's betrayal, and his distrust has spilled over on to all those of the female persuasion. Both must decide if personal success is worth destroying the life another, and they must find that only together can they face down the danger that awaits them, and Alistair is the only one who can help and support her as Charlie claims The Jaguar Legacy...
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tiger eye book cover

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romance at heart roses
ad Author/Artist Debi DeSantis
romance at heart roses

Author Chats Chat, Chat, we LOVE to Chat...

RaH newyearHave a Wonderful Day!...RaH Fireworks

Animated Star  I must apologize to both Authors and Chatters. We are sorry to inform you that Romance at Heart will no longer host author chats. The chat rooms will stay available for your use, be we will not be involved in moderating your chats. We thank you for letting us host your chats in the past and wish you all the best in your careers.
Animated Star  Unfortunately, for many of us and our usual chatters, life interferes, and scheduled chat attendence has been less than desired. We will, however, post any chats you wish to schedule if you drop an email to me. Please accept our humble apologies.

We have open chat dates...
So get a request off to Rose, if you wish a date.

Leah Braemel, Kimber Chin, and J.K. Coi - 0100 UTC 25 May • May 26th
Time - 8pm - Eastern Standard Time.
- Authors Leah Braemel, Kimber Chin, and J.K. Coi have joined together to combine the best of all their worlds. Three writing buddies, three romance genres, three to-die-for heroes. Throw in an ancient artifact and the possibility of the end of the world...and you've got one exciting short story put together just for you! Come and meet the sexy security team from Leah Braemel's Hauberk Protection Series, the smart and sassy duo of Kimber Chin's Invisible, and J.K. Coi's devastating immortals and chilling demons--all in one FREE read!

Find Part One on Kimber Chin's blog: June 1, 2009
Find Part Two on J.K. Coi's blog: June 2, 2009
Find Part Three on Leah Braemel's blog: June 3, 2009

The Chat lineup:

Kimber Chin, author of Breach of Trust and Invisible --who will also be talking about her July, 2009 release, Selling Forever


Can Cara close the deal on love?

"The Best Sales Plans…

Real estate agent Cara Jones needs a celebrity handyman for her charity auction.

Reclusive billionaire Richard Thompson is the perfect choice. All she has to do is find his trigger and trip it, without becoming emotionally attached.

…Sometimes Go Awry

Richard wishes to be valued for himself, not simply for his money. He certainly isn’t going to fall in love with a pushy, pie baking saleswoman, no matter how sweet she tastes."

J.K. Coi, author of the Immortals Series

--who will also be talking about book 4, Forever Immortal, to be released June 16, 2009


Forever becomes a lot more complicated when you’re immortal...

Immortal Series, Book 4

"Eight years ago, science and reason ruled Gideon Bennett’s life. Until the death of an Immortal triggered a physical transformation, forcing him out of the laboratory and into a world of violence for which he was ill prepared. Now a seasoned warrior, he is still haunted by his one massive failure—and the face of the woman he couldn’t save.

Lyssa James wasn’t looking for trouble when she set out to enjoy a night on the town away from her dead-end job and obnoxious ex-boyfriend. Instead she got a first-class ticket to a demon hell dimension where she was trapped for eight long years.

Now she’s finally escaped...only to run into the man who failed her. Neither of them are the same people they were eight years ago, but getting reacquainted is the least of their worries.

One of the nastiest demons from the Abyss is on the loose, and it threatens not only their lives…but the future of humanity."

Leah Braemel, author of Private Property

--who will also be talking about her May 12, 2009 release, Personal Protection


She can cover him with one hand tied behind her back. Maybe two.

Hauberk Protection, Book 2

"Sam Watson excels at keeping other people safe. Now a stalker is targeting him, but so what? A few doctored photos and a couple threatening phone calls are no big deal. He can watch his own back. Then again, the view from behind the sexy spitfire assigned to protect him isn’t so bad…

Rosalinda Ramos has managed to keep her attraction to Hauberk Security’s owner tightly under wraps. It’s just as well he doesn’t know. One slip—in the bedroom or on the job—will cost her her heart and her career, so she’s got only one thing on her mind. Protect Sam, whether he wants it or not.

The stakes—and the heat—rise exponentially when she discovers Sam belongs to an exclusive sex club—one she must investigate for potential suspects. Suddenly she finds herself immersed in a world that pushes her boundaries.

Sam delights in leading Rosie deep into his sexual shadows—until they go one game too far. Making him wonder if he can allow the woman he loves to take a bullet for him."

These are the authors and the books they will be chatting about. Come on in and have a chat with them!

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